Moletech Product Series  

We cooperated with Taipei Medical University and completed this research and development project in the last season of 2009 and launched this new generation -- Greentech Fuel Saver in 2010 Spring. We are currently looking for dealers and distributors in all countries.

Greentech Fuel Saving Device
Moletech Wireless Alarm
Moletech Vehicle Computer
  Greentech Fuel Saving Device  
Improve Engine Performance
Reduce Fuel Consumption
Minimize Exhaust Emissions
Environmental Friendly
Enhance Horsepower
  Moletech Wireless Alarm  
Air Pressure, Ultrasound, Vibration Detection
2.5 Kilometers Wireless Distance
Door Open/ Window Break/ Intrude/ Crash/
   Towing/ In-Car Movement/ Wheel Removing Warnings
120 Db Alarm with Red LED Light
Smart Automatic Power Saving Function
360 Degree Lock Disc Cylinder
8 Security Passwords/ Rockwell Harness Testing
Instead of traditional car alarm system, No Need of Installation
  Moletech Vehicle Computer  
Support Bluetooth, i-Pod, DVB-T/H
Rear-View Camera Input
Front USB port and Mic. In
Slot-In Loading 8X DVD-RW
Automatic Power On/Off Function
Built-In FM/AM Radio
7” (16:9) Touch-Screen TFT LCD (LED Backlight)
Dynamic Amplifier Audio Performance