About Greentech Main Functions Introduction Test Reports  
  Enhance Horsepower  
Greentech Fuel Saving Device includes Greentech Molecule Enhancer and Air Refining Device. As long as the contact between fuel and Greentech Molecule Enhancer was established, the molecule enhancer can change the aggregation of molecules from larger molecule clusters to a smaller ones or even single molecule by breaking the Van der Waals force between the fuel molecules. Moreover, the Greentech Air Refining Device can purify the air and increase the oxygen level in the air by neutralizing the pollutant floating in the air such as dust, emissions, germs, pollen, tobacco smoke, molds and all other species posses' positive ions. The improvement of fuel and air can achieve the better combustion reaction to generate more horsepower and torque.
  Reduces Fuel Consumption  
According to the lab research from Taipei Medical University, the surface tension of the fuel was decreased by contacted with Greentech Molecule Enhancer; causing the smaller droplets of the fuel after it was ejected from the nozzle. The smaller droplets, exposing larger surface area in the air, contact with oxygen for better combustion reaction, and hence, better fuel efficiency.
  Minimize Exhaust Emissions  
The large molecule clusters of the fuel always cause the incomplete combustion and produce emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), hydrocarbons (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The Greentech Molecule Enhancer can change the aggregation of fuel molecules from large clusters to a single molecule by breaking the Van der Waals force between the fuel molecules. The smaller molecule clusters of the fuel can then achieve the complete combustion to reduce the exhaust emissions.
  Environmental Friendly  
Since 2000, Moletech International Limited has been devoted to create the energy saving products and environmental friendly products. All the Greentech product materials are environmental friendly and conformed to the RoHS standard. By using Greentech Fuel Saving Device, not only can it reduce the fuel consumption, but also lower the exhaust emissions.
  Lasts for 10 Years  
Greentech Fuel Saving Device applies our patented Molecule Enhance Technology which takes advantage of physical phenomenon instead of chemical reaction; therefore, there is no chemical reaction and catalyst involved. None of the materials used will be consumed during the process. Because of the physical natural, many research reports suggest, our patented technology can last for a very long time, more than 10 years at least.