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Support Rear-View Camera
Moletech Auto PC offers the ability to connect a reverse parking camera of your car, and it will switch the video screen automatically while you shifting R gear. It can be connected with any kind of rear-view cameras, and users can choose their favorite one from the market.

Support Digital TV
You won't miss out your favorite TV programs when you are away from home and traveling on the road! Simply use a USB digital TV receiver, and install the driver software into your Moletech Vehicle Computer; you will be able to enjoy the live TV programs via your Moletech GUI menu.
The digital TV receiver and its software are NOT included in a standard Moletech Vehicle Computer. Because different regions require digital TV receivers in different standards, please select a USB digital TV device that is compliant to your regional standard.
Support GPS Navigation System
Moletech GUI does not come with a pre-loaded navigation system, however, the package includes a USB-type GPS receiver, and it offers the ability to install your favorite PC-version mapping guide or navigation software to enjoy a 7 inch navigator. Also, you may go to internet and use Google map or Yahoo map, too.
Support dual independent display for driver and passengers
Moletech Vehicle Computer provides one 15 PIN D-SUB VGA sync output, and It can be used to connect roof mount or headrest monitor. Moreover, its duel independent displays function can be easily controlled by driver and passengers.
Smart power control
Moletech Auto PC has smart power control function. It will automatic power on when you start the vehicle and power off when you turn off the engine.
Power-Off Timer Function
When you need to be out of your car just for a while with the ignition to be turned off, but don't want to wait for the car PC's rebooting after returning to your car, Power-Off Timer function offers an ideal solution for this kind of status. The Power-Off Timer provides a suspending mode with a time interval that can be set from 0 to 600 seconds. After the setting is finished and saved, every time when you turn off the ignition, Moletech car PC will suspend for a time period that you set here.
Easy Recovery Scheme
Moletech Vehicle Computer provides a recovery scheme to recover the Disk C with original factory default configurations once the system is crashed. The recovery program is saved in a hidden partition of the built-in hard drive. Once the operating system is crashed, users may select the recovery scheme from the boot sequence to recover the operating system.
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