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7” Wide LCD Monitor with Touch-Screen Control
Moletech Auto PC equips a 7 inch touch-screen LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio. It uses the newest high-power LEDs backlight with Mercury-free as well.
- 800 x 480 TFT LCD 262,000 colors 400 cd/m
- Higher Resolution Image composed of 1,152,000 Pixel Elements
- 5 Wire Type Touch-Screen LCD

Windows O/S system
Moletech Vehicle Computer embedded the Windows XP system and easy recovery scheme. You can do everything you want just like your desktop and notebook, for instance, you can go to internet by Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3.5G and using IM software like Skype, MSN, QQ, yahoo message, getting e-mail, and any kinds of Windows software. You can also install any kinds of software you want, same with your desktop or notebook; anyhow, it is a computer after all.
Perfect Wireless Internet
Moletech Vehicle Computer equips a USB Wi-Fi LAN Card, and Moletech GUI is built-in with an icon for Internet Explorer, giving real-time information for passengers. Users can also go to internet by GPRS or 3.5G when traveling on the road. A mini on-screen keyboard is also available (hidden in the toolbar) for you to key in website addresses. It's simple and easy to use for everyone.
Phone Communication
For your effective in-car communications, Moletech GUI offers a convenient phone communication that works together with your Bluetooth cell phone. Besides, the music from your Bluetooth cell phone can be played via Moletech Auto PC with its amplifier.
If you have Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G, Moletech Vehicle Computer can give you the fun and enjoyment to stay in touch with your friends, family, and business partner by using Skype as well.
High Speed Wide-Temp HDD Available
Moletech Vehicle Computer provides 80GB high speed wide-temp hard drive. Not only can it store more than 25000 songs, but it can also bear harsh environments, sustaining extreme shock, vibration, and temperature conditions while driving. You can also upgrade the storage by connecting multiple hard drives via USB ports.
5.1-Channel Dynamic Amplifier Audio Performance
- Built-In 35W x 5 + Subwoofer x 1 High power amplifier
By using Moletech built-in 5.1 channel high power amplifier or certain DVD/MP3 software, your vehicle can become a professional theater.
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