Vehicle Computer User Interface Smart Features Specification    
  About Moletech Vehicle Computer  

The idea of Moletech Vehicle Computer is based from the combination of Notebook and Car Audio System. Our thought was to add more fun and more entertainment functions to satisfied the passengers and the driver while driving or during the traffic jam. This is what the conventional DVD player couldn't approach.

This all-in-one system allows people to access all the functions via a 7 inch touch screen.
For example:
‧Play the DVD that you just rent from Blockbuster.
‧Install the navigation software to visit the customer or any scenic spots with precise direction.
‧Use Bluetooth Device to pick up the phone and use the touch screen to dial out.
‧Download your favorite music or video in the car and enjoy the 5.1 Dolby surround sound
The most important thing is that you will not have to worry about the ugly wires of others accessory or the storage problem of CD/DVD.
Moletech Auto Computer is more than a computer; it is representing a new lifestyle. Because we wish you to enjoy the valuable travel hours!
  Now, MOLETECH can make all your dreams come true!  

fter four years of research and development, we successfully overcome the weakness of the normal computer and finally present you the best combination of car stereo and real Auto PC system: MOLETECH VEHICLE COMPUTER.

Moletech Vehicle Computer is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, sustaining extreme shock, vibration and temperature condition. It is a 2 DIN infotainment system with LCD and user friendly touch screen control. Embedded a 5.1-channel car stereo with a personal computer system, it supports GPS navigation, digital TV, rearview camera, wireless communication, car radio, Bluetooth equipments (phone), picture/music/movie player, EQ sound stage, and smart power control.
All the features can be accessed via a 7 inch touch screen, and its duel independent displays are easily controlled by driver and passengers. Also, it equip with multimedia graphic user interface allows an easy accessibility to everyday use program and brings you a vehicle infotainment computing runway whole the driving.