Moletech Development & Research  

Our goal is to develop more products that are useful, convenient,
and environmentally friendly to make your life feel better.

  Introduction of Biotechnology team  

Moletech biotechnology team is located in Taipei Medical University, and our main research and development is about polymeric materials and ceramic powder. Since 2000, Moletech biotechnology team has been devoted to create the energy saving products and environmental friendly products.

So far, we successfully applied our unique formula infused with a photocatalyst to develop a multifunction fabric, presenting a very powerful absorbability of urine, moreover by using a light source to dissolute the urine to a non-odor gas like nitrogen and carbon dioxide, completely deodorizing urine and achieving the effects of absorbance and deodorizing.
Also, we compounded our unique formula into the ceramic necessary to break the van der Waals force between the molecules. According to research and testing studies, the surface tension of the treated fuel was decreased; causing the smaller droplets, exposing larger surface area in the air, contact with oxygen for better combustion reaction, and hence, better fuel efficiency and less emissions.
Our next project is to apply our unique biodegradable plastic material in fabric industry and plastic industry, such as the easy recycled eco-tools for hospital uses. We will always devote to create innovative eco-friendly products to help the environment and make your life fell better.